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Traveling—it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

Ibn Battuta, The Travels of Ibn Battutah

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Living the Life of Luxury: Jetsetting with Lifestyle Influencer Hofit Golan

Anyone who has scrolled through Hofit Golan’s Instagram account will have discovered a treasure trove of highly impressive photos and videos. Luxury hotels, world-class restaurants, and designer clothes feature regularly. Her publicized globetrotting appears to epitomize a life of luxury. Yet, according to Hofit, true luxury comes from something other than incredible holidays and couture looks. In this article, Beau Monde catches up with Hofit about events, fashion, and travel. What’s more, it d

A Magical Stay in a Fairy Tale City: Luxembourg’s Hotel Le Place d’Armes

Tucked between Belgium, France, and Germany, the oft-overlooked Luxembourg is a little country with a big spirit. It is true that it’s significantly smaller than its neighbours in the heart of Western Europe. Yet, the only remaining Grand Duchy is a heaping treasure trove of charm. With its medieval castles and forts, stone-carved underground tunnels, and cobbled bridges traipsing over the Rivers Alzette and Pétrusse, the country’s capital is a real-life fairy tale city.

Situated within Luxembo

An Escape to South Australian Wine Country at Sequoia Lodge

High in the Adelaide Hills, there lies a place where the troubles of everyday life melt away. This is the heart of South Australian wine country, with views overlooking the ripe green Piccadilly Valley. Koalas play amongst the trees, speckles of grey amidst the verdure. Olive-coloured grape vines twist across the land, weaving along the Valley to accommodate the gloriously dramatic sloping hills. This is the ethereal beauty that has earned the Adelaide Region consideration for the title of a UNE

Thailand Travel Tips and More with Alana Rainer

When she was young, Alana Rainer’s family often visited Thailand for holidays. Now, many years later, she’s made it her home. Originally from London, she immediately fell in love with the South Asian country’s rich culture and stunning scenery. As the first country she ever visited, Thailand never left her mind. Since making the move permanent, she has amassed over 64 thousand followers for her Instagram account, @alanarainer. Here, she shares Thailand travel tips and more. Yet, when she began p

Living Green in Grandeur: Connect with Nature at Six Senses Resorts and Spas

In our increasingly globalized world, feeling connected should be easy. Yet, in the hectic pace of everyday life, it is easy to become isolated. Six Senses Resorts and Spas aims to rebuild lost connections with one’s environment, friends and family, and even oneself. The brand places the well-being of people and the planet at the forefront of all it does. Overall, the resorts and spas offer the chance to disconnect from the dregs of daily life. Guests can connect with nature with a swim between

Kensho Ornos: The Most Tantalizing Boutique Hotel in Mykonos

Mykonos is known for its heat, both physical and metaphorical. Here, the Mediterranean sun blankets beachgoers, grazing bare skin with the touch of its rays. Yet nowhere is it hotter than at Kenshō Ornos boutique resort. Kenshō Ornos is more than a luxury boutique hotel in Mykonos: it is a true treasure of the Aegean. This sensual haven is a place fit for the gods and goddesses that fill the myths of the Grecian islands.

Kenshō Ornos offers all that Mykonos’ holiday set could desire. Upon arriv

Friðheimar Greenhouse Restaurant: A Year-Round Taste of Summer In Iceland

For those willing to brave the extreme cold, Icelandic winters have a lot to offer. Snow-covered ridges slope up and down along craggy mountain tops. Icy black rivers are transformed into mirrors for the brooding skies. Yet, despite the otherworldly beauty that comes along with it, winters in Iceland can be brutal. With frigid temperatures and polar nights, one would be forgiven for wishing for a taste of summer, even amidst the dazzling wintry landscapes. And like a genie, Friðheimar – among th

Aman Resorts: Luxury Wellness Retreats for the Culturally Curious

Named after the Sanskrit for ‘peace’, Aman Resorts embraces this precept like no other. To this luxury brand, peace is more than passive enjoyment; it is a state of mind nurtured through active, authentic encounters with the cultures and traditions that enrich our earth. India’s rugged beauty demands to be seen from the seat of a Marwari horse, riding like a Rajput royal across the Land of Kings. A trip to Tokyo is incomplete without a fragrant cup of gyokuro served in one of the city’s most ren

Whisky and Wilderness: Indulging in the Water of Life at the Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival

In the place where it was born, whisky is often referred to as ‘the water of life’. This is a place where the air is crisp and fresh beyond belief. The land is green and rich in resources. Plus, the sky is often grey, home to fickle clouds that withhold and expel drizzles in capricious turns. This is Scotland. Amidst a backdrop of majestic hills, deep green forests, and perpetually moody skies, Scotland’s beloved national drink came into being. Now, visitors from all over the world gather in Spe

Solo Travel for Women with Keem Smith

Shakeemah Smith’s interest in travel started with a globe. As a child, she spent Saturdays in the public library, reading about places she hoped to visit one day. Yet, the woman behind the Instagram account @thepassportabuser could never have imagined then what she would go on to achieve. Today, Keem has traveled to 63 countries solo and created a hugely successful business helping others do the same. Having been featured in Forbes and Business Insider, created a course in solo travel for women,

Luxury Travel Experiences with Daniel Mann

Growing up in Michigan, Daniel Mann’s family would drive across the bridge from Detroit into Canada for holidays without needing passports. Yet, until adulthood, Daniel’s travels were limited to these two North American countries. Now, four years after obtaining a passport, he has traveled the globe, even founding an Instagram account specifically to document his travels. @distinctiontravels has amassed over 100,000 followers invested in Daniel’s luxury travel experiences and destinations.